Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Look for ways to extend your crop. Lettuce and green onions.

Two simple ways to make your vertical garden more productive. No need to harvest the entire plant...try giving your lettuce a haircut, it will grow back within 2-3 weeks! When you harvest green onions replant one of them for a new bunch in 3 weeks!
You can continue to do things like this until the plants start to slow down.
I've been doing this with my onions for well over a year now.

One quick example: It takes about 50-60 days for lettuce to mature fully from seed. If you harvest like I did in this video you can enjoy another harvest in about 20 days! One simple way to double your production and save even more money.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pictures of The Best Vertical Garden

The concept behind this garden takes a tiny amount of discipline and patience. You first start by selecting an area on your property that is exposed to full Sun. Remember that one side of the vertical garden will receive morning Sun while the other side, afternoon. Choose a quality soil (remember you get what you pay for when it comes to buying packaged soil.) and start planting one day per week. You may be a personality that needs to get everything done today! But only plant one pot per week. By the time you plant all the pots on the vertical garden you are ready to start harvesting a bag full of produce on a weekly basis! Think of the cost this can save you. Do the math...if you can save $6.00 per week that translates into over $300.00 per year! Take advantage of the fact that we live in an area of the World where we can enjoy year round fresh produce!

email me at: bestverticalgarden@yahoo.com to learn how you can pick one up and get started tomorrow!

How much does a vertical garden cost?

I am selling my 8 pot vertical gardens for $95.00. ($85.00 if you purchase 4 or more)
Each garden comes complete with 8 3gal pots, 8 locks, a 17"sq box that holds one 60lb bag of cement and 2 pieces of rebar that will hold the post tightly in the cement.

The up-side-down post sells for $75.00. ($65.00 if you purchase 4 or more gardens.)
Each garden comes complete with 2 5gal buckets (Holes pre-drilled), two locks, a 17" wood box, and 2 pieces of rebar.
(These planters can grow 4 tomatoes, eggplant or bell pepper plants as well as whatever you want to grow in the top of each bucket! In such a little space these planters grow a lot of food!)

All my vertical gardens are stained and fully assembled. (The gardens do not come with the cement, seed or soil)

If you live on the Big Island you can pay with credit card...simply email me your order and I'll email you a paypal link for easy payment.

email me at: bestverticalgarden@yahoo.com

Vegetables that do well in the Hilo area.

After a year of playing with a huge variety of seed I have come up with this list that I have had really good success with.

Broccoli, Cabbage, Asian lettuce, Boy Choy and Pak Choy, Onions, Soy beans, Lettuce, Eggplant, Carrots (4-5" variety), Tomatoes (Up-side-down planter), Herbs and Strawberries.

I have tried to grow spinach but my success rate is not very good. I think it's because spinach likes cooler temperatures. People living up in the mountains here in Hawai'i might have a better success rate. I'm trying Silver beet or Chard but I'm not keeping high hopes that my crop will be productive because I was reading that it is also a cool weather crop. (Strawberries do not do well during the Summer months. Plant them in November-December and enjoy a nice crop in March.)

It is important that you do a little research on everything to grow. Use your search engine to discover a whole new World of information!

During the hotter months you might want to plant screens of beans, melon, Squash in and around your vertical garden. The shade that these screes give will protect the more sensitive plants from burning up in the hot afternoon sun. The nice thing about planting screens like this is that you can eat them too!!! (In one of my videos on this site I show you what my screens look like.)

How to mix a good quality soil for your vertical vegetable garden

Three parts cinder soil, three parts quality potting soil, one part peat moss and some slow release fertilizer.

I have used this mix for over a year with really good results!

How to keep slugs off your vertical vegetable garden.

I simply use Slug and Snail bait...following the directions on the box I apply the bait around the base of each vertical garden. If you are concerned about pets and children playing around or eating the bait I suggest that you use a high quality copper flashing around the base of each post. The copper carries a charge that slugs do not cross. Copper is expensive but a safe and effective way to control these pests.
I suggest that you still inspect your vegetables on a regular basis. You never know...slugs are persistent and one may make it in every once in a while.
ALWAYS wash your veges before you eat them! Even if you are sure that no slugs are around.

Email me with questions at: bestverticalgarden@yahoo.com

Saturday, March 27, 2010